While on holidays in Queensland I went to a market and bought my mum a slab of soap as a gift. She loved the way it felt on her skin so she cut me off a slice to take home. I used the soap and was amazed at the results, not only did my skin stop itching after showering but my excema that I had suffered from all my life disappeared. My skin felt amazing but the soap soon ran out. To no avail we tried to track down the lady who made it and then tried to source anyone who hand made soap. We didn’t know what the ingredient was that helped my skin but we figured it had something to do with the handmade process. Eventually we were left with no option but to make our own! After a couple of years we perfected our recipes and learnt a lot about the soap making process and ingredients. We discovered what had been causing my excema for all those years – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.
In the 15th century soapmaking became a common craft but was considered a luxury item, heavily taxed and reserved for only the wealthy. During World War II, a shortage of raw materials made soap more expensive to produce and an alternative was found. Chemical and industrial advances made it possible to produce soap on a large scale. Soap making soon became one of the fastest-growing industries of its day and an everyday household item. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate was formulated as the chemical to replaced all the natural oils. Made from petroleum byproducts, detergents were a cheap alternative with an ability to scour any surface and sud while rinsing clean. However detergents strip all the natural oils away from the hair and skin causing excema and many other skin irritations and conditions. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a nasty ingredient and the reason why people think soap is bad, if you’re using a commercially made bar you’re most likely not using a soap at all.
Very smart marketing has consumers believe that they are buying a good soap when it is labeled 'Goats Milk Soap' or 'Natural Soap with Aloe Vera' but always remember to check the ingredients. We only use the highest quality, natural ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers, unless a particular ingredient is derived from a plant that is not grown in Australia. Customers are constantly seeking our product out as the only 
thing that has ever cleared their skin up and in some more serious
cases it has life changing. Are our products tested on animals?
No but we wouldn’t use anything else on
Bonnie and Lily!